Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner?
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The Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner – the term evokes visions of
“Frank” flitting about in “Father of the Bride” or
Jennifer Lopez running off with the groom in the
“Wedding Planner.”  But what do real-life wedding
planners actually do?  

We help brides, grooms and their families get through
the most important – and often most stressful – time
of their life, allowing them to hold onto their sanity
and actually enjoy their wedding day.  

We don’t take over the planning of your wedding – we
just offer guidance to make the process that much
easier and to lessen the amount of time you spend
on tasks such as tracking down the best vendors to
meet your needs or scanning the internet for the
perfect invitations.

Most brides don’t even think about hiring a wedding
planner.  It’s so exciting to be planning your wedding
– why would you want to bring in an outsider to help
with this important time of your life?
Review the list below and see if anything applies to you.  These are just a few reasons
why you may want to consider the assistance of a wedding planner:

1.        You and your fiancé work full-time.
2.        You are planning a destination wedding.
3.        You don’t know where to start to even look for the vendors you need and already
feel overwhelmed.  (You may even be getting heart palpitations while looking through
bridal magazines.)
4.        You have a set budget and want to make sure you can stay within that budget
while hiring vendors that mesh with your personality.
5.        You’ve already spent 42 hours on the internet searching for the perfect shade of
coral and are no closer to hiring vendors (or finding the perfect shade of coral) than
when you started.
6.        You don’t want to ask your bridesmaids to spend hours on your wedding day
setting up details such as escort cards, centerpieces, table numbers etc.
7.        You don’t even know what an escort card is and why you need one. : - )
8.        You have family helping you plan the wedding but they are being a bit too helpful
and not respecting your style.
9.        Your wedding is less than two months away and although most of your vendors
are in place you are overwhelmed by details and are at the end of your rope.  Even the
dog is hiding from you, afraid he might send you into a Bridezilla rage.
10.        You’ve got everything well organized but want someone else to ensure all the
details you’ve planned will be taken care of the day of the wedding so you can actually
enjoy your own wedding.
You may think you can’t afford a wedding planner.  The money and time you may save
with our help can more than justify the fee.  With the variety of planning and coordination
packages and options available from No Worries Weddings & Events there is a service to
meet every budget.  And with discounts available on invitations, accessories and other
services, you may even save money in the process.

The average bride spends 250 hours planning her wedding.  The amount of time you
spend planning your wedding can be cut dramatically with the help of a wedding planner
– the time you will spend planning will be quality time, not wasted time.  How can you
afford not to hire a wedding planner?
Our clients come from all walks of life, with different needs and different reasons for
value to their planning process and allowed them to enjoy their wedding day.

“Just Married” Full Service Client

Angela was planning her destination wedding long distance from Ohio.  With her
wedding day only six months away and not many vendors or plans in place, she
contacted No Worries to guide her through the planning process and be on hand the
day of the wedding to make sure everything went smoothly.  Angela and her fiancé
Dean were able to make one trip to Marco Island during the planning process but most
of the planning was done by email and phone.  

Here is what Angela had to say in a thank you note after her wedding:

"You made my dreams come true!  I always dreamed of a beach wedding, and
feel extremely fortunate to have my dreams fulfilled and so much more!!  I am sure
that many brides would love to have a destination wedding, but fear the planning
and executing difficulty.  Therefore, they quickly decide against it.  I would have
to say that you are the solution to those fears, as I was able to enjoy every
minute of our wedding (planning and marrying).

From our first conversation to our last, I was assured that you had my best interest
at heart and you were working for me.  I always felt that you took time to learn
about what we envisioned, gave options when we were unsure, or used your
expert opinion to make those decisions where we weren't concerned.  

Witnessing your impeccable organization, assured and reassured me that the
plans would be executed flawlessly.  I can honestly say that I had "no worries."
I felt completely at peace that everything would go as planned or if it didn't, then
you would be able to intervene and correct the situation.

I cannot say enough great things about you, your organizational abilities, and your
business.  You are a very genuine individual whom is completely devoted to
personalizing every wedding and making happy brides "worry-free."

“Cut the Cake” Day-of Coordination Client

Katy, local to Naples, had all her plans in place but wanted someone to take care of the
details on the day of her wedding.  She hired No Worries two weeks before her wedding
day.  Here’s what she had to say:

“I wanted to thank you for an incredible job with our wedding.  Your professionalism and
experience truly made the difference in allowing me to enjoy my wedding day.  My mom
and I were so impressed by all of the small details that you covered that – despite a year
of planning – we had not thought of.  It was a real blessing to know that someone with
standards comparable to my own was overseeing the details on the day of the wedding,
and it was so great to see my vision executed so perfectly.  From the set-up of the
favors to helping the groom select a song to dance with his mother to (with 25 seconds
notice) you had everything under control, and the day went smoothly.

I cannot recommend your services enough to any bride who is considering working with
you to plan her wedding day.  As I mentioned before – I am very detail oriented and a
type A personality.  I was so relaxed on my wedding day, that people asked if I was
pregnant or medicated (for the record, I was neither).  

I just really enjoyed what was planned to be – and what was – the most special day of
my life.”

Customized “Sand Dollar” Destination Wedding Client

Jimmy and Robin, a couple from Montana, wanted a small, intimate beach wedding and
would later celebrate a larger reception with their family and friends in Jimmy’s
hometown in New York.  With less than four months to the wedding, No Worries put
together an inclusive ceremony package including the officiant, flowers and small cake
for their wedding of 20 guests.  As they began planning, more and more of their friends
decided to join them in Naples, more than doubling the size of the wedding.  No Worries
quickly helped them adjust their plans with the beach wedding followed by a more
traditional reception, complete with fantastic décor designed by the bride with No
Worries’ assistance.

Here were some comments from Jimmy and Robin after the wedding:

"We wanted to write you a Thank You note for making our wedding day amazing.  
Having a destination wedding was very tough to organize.  For us, having a professional
wedding planner was important.   We wanted someone who would make sure the
moments we were going to experience were memorable.  
You relieved any pressures we had from the ceremony to the details of the reception.
Our family and friends have not stopped talking about how beautiful everything was.  
That is a testament to you and No Worries Weddings.  

What also impressed us was the energy and enthusiasm you had throughout the day.  
We could tell you love what you do and care about the moments you are capturing and
it shows in your personality.  We thank you for your passion and creativity and for
making our day the best."
If you realize you
may benefit, as our
former clients have,
from having No
Worries Weddings &
Events assist you
with your wedding,
what do you do
Contact No
Worries by email or
phone and let us
help you find the
right service to meet
your needs and

And you’ll be well
on your way to a
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